Why can’t you live your life next to mine?

A cold stare up to the moment I wanted to break.

But I wouldn’t tell you. That’d be too easy.

Now I wish I wouldn’t do this just to mess everything up; it’s a sad thing that I dig my own graves, but that’s where I like to be.


We’re fading like the sun that shone down upon us.
The day would not end and bid us home.

I would like to think that things are better now that you are gone but I still lie awake until the dawn.
I end my day at the start of the next, and I still can’t sleep at night knowing that you might have slipped away.

Always trying to hurt, the best pain is knowing that soon you wont be here in my arms.
I have no one else to blame.

Each day still hurts the same and it’s all my fault.

Is this as loud as a heart can break?

What pours out is evidence of my past mistakes.

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